If you travel to temporary worksites, and your employer isn’t fully reimbursing you for this travel and meal allowances then you’re entitled to a tax refund. HMRC does not automatically refund overpaid tax for work related expenses, which means you need to claim it back. And what’s more, you can claim for the past four years.

You can claim a tax refund on business travel, meal allowance, clothing (laundry) and uniforms, accommodation, tools, travel, training and any other genuine business related expense.
Our advisors will support you by checking whether you’re eligible within a short telephone call.

This depends on your circumstances. You can claim back to the previous four tax years with average rebates being over £1,700, with some clients receiving over £7,000!
Our dedicated advisors will be able to evaluate your eligibility after a 5 minute call, and can provide an estimate on the phone.

You can claim tax relief for up to the last four years. If you have claimed in the past, you may already be receiving tax relief on certain expenses through your tax code. However, we can check this for you and identify whether you may be due any further repayments.

On average it takes us around 30 days to claim our client’s a tax refund process.

We take care of all the hassle for you and provide a very hands on approach. This means that you will be contact with us every step of the way and can expect to receive your tax refund in the shortest time, and hassle free.
Our Directors have a combined Tax, Accountancy and Payroll experience of over 30 years! We have helped thousands of workers and self-employed people over those years. We’re also hold the Markel Approved Advisor accreditation so you can have peace of mind that you’re dealing with the best.

Your claim will not affect your visa or your ability to live and/ or work in the UK. It will also not affect any other benefits such as Universal Credit.

We will send you your refund via bank transfer.

You can still make a claim as long as the amount your employer has reimbursed you is less than the relevant HMRC Allowance.

You must make a claim to HMRC for the expenses you are entitled to claim. HMRC will not have a record of your expenses unless you make your claim.

No; this is a matter between you and HMRC.

That’s fine, we’re here to make tax refunds simple, transparent and fast for our customers.

Yes, you can apply for a rebate for travel expenses in any vehicle you’ve driven.

Yes, this is because there is a cost to you when you charge and drive an electric vehicle. Our accounting team can help you calculate this cost.

Absolutely, we will transfer £50 straight into your bank account for every person you refer that goes on to get a tax refund through GTR. If you successfully refer 10 people, we will send you an additional £100 bonus!

All we will require are your proof of ID and address. Then we will require an expenses claim form to be completed, to which our team will be proactive in offering you both help and support.